Etairos: “We Help Businesses Run Affordably”


Silicon Valley

The company’s founders got their start in Silicon Valley

There’s a big difference between a start-up with new people who are learning to work together and one where people have worked together for years, according to John Shute, Executive Enterprise Architect and Vice President of professional services at the Etairos Consulting Corporation. The company’s founders, CEO Dan Salisbury and Vice President of Advanced Security, Mike Forman, along with many of its employees, formerly worked at Silicon Valley’s Cadence Design Systems.
Etairos has been in existence just under two years, and has operations in Northern and Southern California, Texas, Mississippi and India. Since the team has worked together for so long, Etairos is like a new venture, as opposed to a typical start-up.
Etairos plans on taking Mississippi-based JSI national

Etairos plans on taking Mississippi-based JSI national

The company’s core competencies include tailored cloud solutions, integration with existing data warehousing, IT security and technology expertise for big data platforms and tools. All together, Etairos has 17 expertise centers and strengths of focus. “If you need it, we’ve done it and done it well,” said Shute. Etairos boasts four former CIOs and various solutions architects with decades of industry experience in a wide range of IT solutions. They strive for the most efficient use of assets in the IT field.

“If you need it, we’ve done it and done it well,” says VP Shute

Etairos has recently purchased several companies, including JSI Communications, Jackson, Mississippi, which specializes in network cabling, telephony, video surveillance and physical security for enterprise customers. “There’s no one better in copper and fiber,” Shute says. Purchased last year, Etairos plans to expand the JSI Communications brand nationally. Western Data, whose expertise is in providing outsourced IT, telephony and relocation services to Southern California businesses is another new subsidiary, as is IT Sigma Pro, a Lean Six Sigma business process re-engineering company. Shute says Etairos intends to acquire additional companies, as a mainstay of its growth strategy.
When hiring, Etairos looks for people who can provide thought leadership and know that “business drives IT, not the other way around,” according to Shute.
Whole cloud adoption is on the horizon, according to Shute

Whole cloud adoption is on the horizon, according to Shute

Over the next few years, Shute foresees whole cloud adoption. “Companies are anxious,” he explains. Companies have their own licensing model based on the number of desktops or servers. When it goes to the cloud, the location premise constraint is out of the equation, he said. In his view, companies will have risk reviews until “everyone” is in the cloud.
Mobile device management is increasingly part of the picture in the near future, and it comes down to Androids vs. iPhones. “Companies with 7,000 or more employees don’t like Androids – they like iPhones,” says Shute. “But you have to follow Apple rules or you don’t have the app. The future holds a whole propagation of operating systems and mobile devices. “Tech is changing the face of the world faster than anyone can predict, and more importantly, digest the capabilities, ” he says. Companies must learn to stay ahead of it, and deliver services affordably. “These are the questions companies are groping with, and that’s where we come in,” he said.
Shute also notes that Tekkipalooza is a great tool for start-ups, since it offers so many publicly identified RFPs, “opportunities that match our business model.” His team came upon the site and was impressed by the attractive number of RFPs.
For all its technological prowess and expertise, Shute adds that Etairos is not just about tech. “Running businesses and running them affordably, while delighting our clients – that’s our special sauce,” he says.



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